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Expert Witness for Groundwater Contamination Cases

Bring reliable testimony regarding groundwater contamination with Wheatcraft & Associates. Our expert witness testimony and litigation support for law cases that involve groundwater contamination has made us the perfect asset to law firms dealing with environmental litigation and companies concerned about the severity of groundwater contamination.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the field of groundwater hydrology, we are among the world's most knowledgeable experts in groundwater contamination. We have provided expert witness testimony and litigation support for plaintiffs and defendants that have problems with groundwater contamination. Our clients range from the very small (individuals) to the very large (water districts serving more than two million customers). We have worked on cases from California to New York to Hawaii in the U.S.A., and internationally as well.

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Expert Witness Services:

 • Build Databases of Groundwater Data & Information
 • Groundwater Contamination Modeling
 • Groundwater Contamination Levels & Predictions

• Groundwater Data Collection & Analysis
• Develop & Build Groundwater Flow Models
• Groundwater Contaminant Transport Models